Sletten Leif

Leif Sletten

Sales, Product Management & Project Design/Management

Name:Leif Sletten
Date of birth:August 1.
Address:Aarhus, Denmark
Phone:+45 2345 2990
I have over the years mainly worked with sales, support, training, product management, project design and project management. It means that I have a solid practical knowledge of this. My basic technical knowledge, I have mainly built through my theoretical education as electronic engineer and a practical background as electrician.





During and after my engineering study I have passed examination in some mercantile subjects as: management, organization, marketing, investment and finance. In addition I have participated in a variety of sales, product and security courses in Denmark and abroad over the years.

Personal Information

Personal Profile

I am proactive, independent, persistent, structured, result-oriented and a good communicator. Furthermore, I am a team-player and have a great mood.

Private Interests

Spare time I use together with my family. I am jogging or cycling 1-2 times every week. From time to time I am a “do-it-yourself” workman, at home or if one of my children need some help. Furthermore I enjoy reading a good book. Travelling, concerts and movies my wife and I enjoy together as much as possible. Has previously been chairman of the local house owner association and board member of a local handball club.


Living in a harmonious marriage with my wife. We have 3 adult children.

Contact info
AddressAarhus, Denmark
Phone+45 2345 2990

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